Temperature Chart
Courtesy of Jason J Leffler

Temperature Chart and Photos of the Great American Eclipse from Seneca, SC

My name is Jason J Leffler. I am sharing this data with you because I wanted it to be added to any data mining that you, NASA or anyone else may have a vested need or interested in.

The data included in this file represents a collection of data points that I began at exactly C1 [Contact-1] and ended recording at exactly C4 [Contact-4] at the end of the event. I followed the instructions to collect this data to a tee. Fan to move the air. Not in direct sunlight and did not disturb the sensor probe during the event and had my iPhone connected to a separate power source the entire time. Also; I used the extension cable during the event to keep away from any other heat sources. I sincerely hope that this information is helpful to OmniSensor and others and I fully authorize sharing this information contained here in. The only thing that I ask is that I may have a copy of the final results to review for myself.  Also; I would ask that I be included in any list of data contributors or individual data collectors from Seneca, SC where this data was collected. I am also attaching to this report an exact geographical location that will show that this data was collected from within the area of  "Max Totality."